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About Us

About The Company

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Our Mission

The baby market is a big industry. In fact, soon-to-be or new parents will spend any amount of money just to make sure that their children are provided with the best. However, alongside raising a child is the endless monetary demands of their day to day expenses. So parents do their best to search for the best baby products online so that can stretch their budgets. This is a fact and because of this, the baby industry is one of the most lucrative ones.

The Founder

Baby Deal Ireland was created when our founder, Lee Kavanagh was trying to sell his son’s cot online. He came to the realization that there was no platform where parents can purchase or sell baby products without any hassles. Keeping this in mind and the high amount of searches being made online for baby items and baby products for sale, he launched Baby Deal Ireland.

Baby Deal is a niche platform for buying and selling baby products. The website is an opportunity for buyers and sellers to be able to advertise their business for a very minimal fee or sometimes, even for free.


Lee Kavanagh